What are the Best 28 Inch TVs of 2022 to Buy?

Almost no one thinks a 75-inch television is practical.

It’s not difficult to bring home a single large-screen 4K TV these days; nevertheless, most homes still choose small TVs with a screen size of just 28 inches.

Numerous prominent manufacturers, such as Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Sony, have TVs with a 28-inch display panel on the market, according to a simple internet inquiry.

It goes without saying that they can’t support 4K.

Small TVs, on the other hand, have a lot of excellent capabilities!

TV sets known for their good picture quality and smart capabilities come with a price increase in most cases. To make up for the fact that their budget won’t allow them to buy a new set, customers who currently have the streaming device should get a 28 inch TV that has no smart capabilities.

with that being said let’s start with our list of the top 13 best 28 inch smart TVs-

TOP 13 MOST RECOMMENDED 28 Inch Smart Televisions

Who doesn’t get a kick out of a big-screen television?

However, if you want to place it in the bedroom or office, a smaller TV with a flat screen may be a more practical option.

Smaller televisions are also less expensive.

When buying a 28-inch television, you don’t have to compromise on image quality. The fact is that there are a lot of TVs with tiny flat screens that receive excellent reviews from customers for high-definition picture quality today.

Smart TVs are now available in an increasing variety of tiny sizes.

This means you can use Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube, as well as other popular built-in streaming applications. These tiny televisions are also reasonably priced, with the smallest costing about $100 with complete setup and the largest costing around $300 for full-featured 28-inch LED/LCD HDTVs.

Here are a few 28-inch TV options that might look well in your home:

  1. TCL 28S305 Roku LED TV – Best Selling TV in 2021

TCL 28S305 LED Roku TV

The 28-inch TCL Roku Smart TV promises to offer all of your favourite media content, with more than 450,000 movies and TV programs to choose from.

This TV features a simple, straightforward interface and a sleek, contemporary appearance.

The TLC 28S305 LED TV with built-in Roku offers the greatest smart-TV experience in a bedroom-size television. This gadget enables you to quickly browse hundreds of applications and stream video from the TV’s remote control. The Roku S305 720p TV, which comes at a reasonable price, has the potential to become a valuable addition to your house.

Smart functionality is available.

There seem to be over 4,000 streaming stations to choose from.

The image quality is excellent thanks to the 720p HD resolution and direct-lit LED.

Motion blur is avoided by using a 60Hz refresh rate.

After downloading the app, you may use your smartphone or tablet as a full-featured Roku remote to control your TV. Users may also utilize voice control to explore and create new channels.

The main drawback is the lack of an Ethernet port.

Consider the Roku-powered TCL S305 if you’re looking for a tiny TV that’s less costly. If the 28-inch model does not suit your needs, you may want to choose the TLC 32S305 model, which is the finest 32-inch TV.

  1. LG 28LJ430B-PU Class LED HDTV – Top rated 28 inch TV

LG 28LJ430B-PU LED HDTV (Class)

With this LG LED television, you may enjoy excellent audio and improved visual quality when watching TV.

The 28LJ430B-PU TV has one HDMI port for connecting to dependable HD media sources including PCs, Blu-ray players, and contemporary game consoles. Furthermore, its LED illumination ensures that every scene has rich, vibrant colours in every pixel. This television saves the customer a lot of money on energy expenses when compared to LCD televisions.

This LG LED television has incredible brightness and picture clarity that you won’t find in any other 28-inch television.

  1. Element ELEFW248R HDTV – Lowest priced TV on the web

HDTV Element ELEFW248R

The greatest term to describe the Element ELEFW 248R HDTV is versatility.  This gadget promises to provide a crystal clear image with crisp contrasts and vivid colors thanks to its sophisticated LED back-lit technology. The ELEFW248R model has one HDMI connection connector and can connect to any of your favorite digital devices, including streaming TV boxes like Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Advanced control data and multi-channel surround sound are all now available.

Batteries are not included with this television, but it does come with a stand and remote control.

  1. LG 28LJ400B-PU LED TV – Most compact TV for small space


Look no further because LG 28LJ400B-PU LED TV is now out — this television is tiny enough to fit into any little area in your home.

The 28LJ400B has LG’s LED backlighting, which offers excellent brightness and picture clarity. With two HDMI connections, you can easily experience amazing audio/video quality from genuine high-definition sources.

This smart TV does everything a smart TV should do, and it’s easy to use. Furthermore, you have no issues with installation, setup, or navigation.

  1. LG 28LJ4540-PU Class HD LED TV — Energy-efficient television

LG 28LJ4540-PU Class HD LED TV

Let’s continue our list with the LG 28LJ4540-PU television!

This television has a perfect display size. It has an eye-pleasing design with a thin appearance and is ideal for use on your desk, in your bedroom, or in the kitchen. The clarity of HD resolution has been improved to a higher degree – the colors look more natural and the contrast has been increased.

The LG 28LJ4540 has a 28-inch 720p LED screen with outstanding image quality and one HDMI connection. The manufacturer’s LED backlighting provides excellent brightness and picture clarity. Each scenario’s colors seem more realistic, richer, and deeper, in contrast, giving you a genuine, lifelike sensation.

The advantages that We enjoy the most about this model are motion eye care, smart energy conservation, and flicker-free operation.

Engine with Triple XD technology is available.

LED backlighting on a 720p standard HD display is provided too.

The refresh rate available is 120 hertz.

The TV includes one HDMI connection and one USB input, making it more simple to connect your laptop/computer, gaming console, or Bluray player. Furthermore, this device runs on LG’s WebOS smart TV platform. In other words, you may now watch thousands of channels on all major streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and so on).

  1. Continu.us CT-2860 HDTV – Lightweight & eco-friendly TV

Continu.us CT-2860 HDTV

What can you expect from this 28-inch 720p LED HDTV?

The Continu.us CT-2860 offers crystal clear image quality with outstanding bright, dark, and rich colors. It features a TV stand and a sleek design. With the help of environmentally friendly technologies, you may explore all of your entertainment choices to your heart’s content. Use the HDMI or VGA connection to turn your television into a computer display.

The kit includes a single remote that allows the user to control everything. Simply connect in and enjoy an amazing TV experience from wherever, with no extra wiring or setup required (your home, the college, or office).

  1. Samsung UN28H4000 720P HDTV – Nice & inexpensive small TV

Samsung UN28H4000 720P HDTV

When it comes to the top 28-inch smart TV, take a look at the Samsung H4000.

This style is suitable for a living room or bedroom environment. With a 720p resolution, the H4000 HDTV excels at presenting clarity and a broad range of colors, providing the best possible viewing experience for your favorite movies and programs.

A USB device makes it simple to access your pictures, movies, and music. overall a good choice!

  1. Samsung UN28H4500 LED TV – Compact & efficient smart box

Samsung UN28H4500 LED TV

The Samsung UN28H4000 has been enhanced!

The Samsung UN28H4500 720p 60Hz smart TV’s beautiful LED screen allows it to offer excellent image frames in high resolution without showing any flaws, black spots, or grey areas. This explains why the UN28H4500 model is popular among movie and sports enthusiasts.

The Samsung television is ideal for the bedroom, kitchen, or any other small space.

The bezel on this watch is extremely narrow, giving it a contemporary appearance. Despite the absence of 3D technology, the H4500 LED HDTV can nevertheless provide you with a captivating viewing experience.

  1. Jensen JE2815 LED AC TV – High-performance HDTV tuner

Jensen JE2815 LED AC TV

Take a look at the ASA Jensen JE2815 LED AC TV, a 28-inch smart TV.

This television claims to bring the theatre to your house using AC power. A wide 16:9 LCD screen with white LED lighting for extremely high performance lets you enjoy all kinds of media material.

The JE2815 offers a remarkable picture quality, with about 16.7 million colors in each pixel. This is an integrated 720p HDTV (ATSC) tuner with dual functions (TV and DVD), as well as a wireless remote control.

  1. VIZIO E28H-C1 Smart LED TV – Best entry-level HDTV


You’re looking for a stunning 1080p smart TV?

Then We suggest the VIZIO E-Series 28-inch TV; it’s a great, inexpensive TV that every family should have in their living room. It offers amazing beauty and clarity in every pixel thanks to its unique features.

This E28H-C1 model is a great option for an entry-level television. It comes with a TV stand and a wall mount that are simple to install, owing to its lightweight design. During indirect daylight, the LED backlighting works well, so there will be no uniformity issues.

All negative impacts and motion blur may also be minimized thanks to the 120Hz effective refresh rate and 480 Perfect Action Rate backlight scanning function, ensuring clear image purity for movies and TV shows.

The E32-C1 model offers a stunning TV experience with excellent image quality and improved performance, thanks to a quicker CPU than prior VIZIO TVs.

However, this device has several flaws, such as a clicking noise when the TV is turned off, a low viewing angle, and just one USB port.

The VIZIO E-Series smart TV is excellent.

  1. Insignia NS-28D220NA16 LED HDTV — Good value for money.

Insignia NS-28D220NA16 LED HDTV

Have you tried any Insignia devices before?

If you don’t have one, check out this LED HDTV – The 720p resolution enables you to enjoy movies, TV programs, and sports with an outstanding, dazzling image quality; the small, modest size lets you put it properly in your bedroom or dorm room. The game mode, which is currently exclusive to the NS-28D220NA16 model, promises to provide the frames from your favourite games with all the exciting action.

A 28-inch class LED 720p HDTV, a controller with two AAA batteries, a stand, and one quick-start instruction are included with this television set.

  1. Samsung Slim Direct-Lit LED Healthcare TV – Best TV for your health

Samsung Slim Direct-Lit LED Healthcare TV

Samsung Slim Direct-Lit LED Healthcare TV

The fact is that watching TV all day is bad for your eyes and your health. But don’t worry, because we’ve got a solution for you: Samsung’s 28-inch standard thin direct-lit LED healthcare TV.

This television was created with hospital-specific features in mind, including a universal pillow speaker interface and compatibility with several interactive patient education programs. The television may save 50% on energy consumption thanks to the thin direct-lit LED.

Check out the top 28 inch 1080p HDTVs for additional healthcare television options!

  1. Contex LE2826 D-LED LCD TV – Compatible with most electronics

Contex LE2826 D-LED 

The Context LE2826 D-LED LCD TV, a wonderful gadget made by AwesomeWare, comes in last on our list.

This television saves a lot of room in your home because of its compact form and elegant lines. It’s simple to use, with the infrared remote control allowing you to browse all of the TV choices from a distance. The LE2826 model guarantees rich, lossless stereo sound thanks to the dual loudspeakers (plus the noise-proof HD chip installed in the soundbar).

Please disconnect any wires and connections that are presently plugged into the TV’s speakers before utilizing the Bluetooth on the wireless device.

“What is the greatest television brand available?”

This is the question you should ask yourself if you’re having trouble buying a television. The more you stay with the top brands, the more likely you are to acquire a TV that will last a long time.

Samsung and LG are two well-known TV manufacturers today, providing some of the best LED-LCD TVs available. Furthermore, due to all of the good internet reviews for their television products, VIZIO continues to be a big contender.

Are you unsure which 28-inch television to purchase?

Overall, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 great choices, all of which provide amazing functionality and excellent picture quality. These are our top choices from a wide TV selection since they are reliable and suitable for your budget.

All of the TVs mentioned above are 2021 models; manufacturers seldom update tiny television lines these days, preferring to concentrate on bigger ones.

If the 28-inch display panel isn’t for you, there are plenty of other options — 24-inch, 29-inch, or 32-inch – to consider.

Are you in the market for a new 28-inch television? Look no farther than the options available here!

If you have any questions, just ask! Thank you for reading!

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