Top 10 Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2022

Here you can find the best earbuds under $100; being conscious about our purchases and spending money on the same is important. Considering buying a certain product after loads of research might become hectic and satisfying at the same time.

earbuds under $100

However, if your budget is low in comparison with the product range, then it could become more serious though. When the budget is too low, then there could be some compromises made with the quality, and the features.

Of course, it also depends on your purpose of buying them, which also impacts the budget and the range of products. Yet, $100 is a lot of money, and if you are buying a product, you would never want any problems with them. This simply goes for the best earbuds under $100, which should be great in performance as well with the built as well.

Also, not everyone wants to spend loads of money on headphones, and there are tons of earbuds and headphones that are available in the budget range but are they worth your money, that is however the biggest question here. There are many such brands and varieties that are available and not all of them could be great enough for you yet, there has been a good load of earbuds that simply comes under $100, and that is of course which one should opt for if that is entirely suitable enough.

However, after doing some good research in the earbuds market, we have put together some best ones that simply come under $100 and where they are totally worth the money and simplify your research time as well.

Top 10 Best Earbuds Under 100 Dollar

Best Earbuds Under $100Check Price
1More Triple Driver in-Ear Earphones Check Price
Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones Check Price
Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Earbuds Check Price
Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True Check Price
RHA MA390 Universal earbuds Check Price
Thinksound MS02 In-ear Monitors Check Price
Enacfire E-19 Wireless Earbuds Check Price
Panasomi Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Check Price
TNSO E-18 True Wireless Headphones Check Price
Focus Power F10 Mini Check Price

You can simply opt for all the below-mentioned earbuds below that are available both online and offline and which of them could be totally suitable for you as per your budget and as per your performance expectation as well.

  1. 1More Triple Driver in-Ear Earphones

The first thing that one should look for is the built quality and how strong is the product should make it the right earbuds or headphones that one should use it though. You also need to look if they have been made with pretty high-quality materials that will make them last for a longer period of time. Make sure to check if they look good on the outside and again being great on the inside. 1More Triple Driver is one such product or brand that is simply great and much better when it comes to using and performance for sure.


  • It has a separate dynamic driver that has balanced armatures.
  • Made by A Grammy Award-Winning Engineers
  • The ergonomic design is much comfortable.
  • It has also got intelligent control technology
  • Affordable ( Under 100 dollar )


  • It could be expensive.
  1. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

If you are looking for a great and the most suitable earphone or earbuds then Shure is the brand that you should go for. There would be no comprising in the quality of this brand and which would simply make it one of the best one that makes it as the best design and the built that just comes along with the brand name. If you use the earbuds, it is quite easy to handle and more of a lightweight product that is much comfortable to wear altogether even during your workouts and exercises as well. The earpads are much softer and is waterproof as well that won’t make any harm to the headphones.


  • It is made with personal monitor technology.
  • Sound isolating sleeves s present comfortably.
  • Reinforced cable for easy customization.
  • Compact carrying case for easy carrying.


  • Sound might cut out.
  1. Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Earbuds

Well, if you see the brand is here from the German electronics which makes it as one of the best audio products to never miss though. The brand is totally known for a typical German branded and a quality product that should never be ignored. If you see the earbuds are simply aluminized and they look too stylish and modern for the 2020s. It provides a very comfortable look that it can make you look more trendy and great altogether. You can even wear the earbuds during the sleep as it is too soft and comfortable to wear though.


  • It has better sound resolution.
  • Made with high quality products and materials.
  • Shaped ergonomically for comfortable fit.
  • Feels pleasant and elegant for a long time use.


  • The price might be expensive.
  1. Soundcore Anker Liberty Air True-Wireless Earphones

If you remember the apple earphones or airpods then this particular brand made earbuds provide you just with of the same quality and the built with the designs as that of apple earphones though. This particular brand and the product is no different from the apple device or the earphone as it just differs when it comes to the price altogether. The design is very much suitable in your pocket and simply suits the budget as well and hence it is the right earbuds that you should never miss to have it as the right headphones that would last for a longer period.


  • Astria Coxial art designed architecture for great music.
  • No noise from the surroundings.
  • In-ear performance and the sound excitement.
  • Noise reduction feature available.


  • Sometimes, it can be defective.
  1. RHA MA390 Universal earbuds

This is one of the best earbuds under 100, If you are looking for a pair of best earbuds and an earphones that comes with all the creativity and the design that you have been always been expecting is simply this particular brand and however, this is one of them that you must never miss to try though. This has got some great features along with the noise reduction benefit that would take care of the external noise that is around you. The design is much clever and simply would be a great idea if you can have this brand earbuds with you. You should actually opt it for and then you will experience a great music.


  • Gives clear audio performance.
  • It also of simply high quality
  • It has also got the frequency response.


  • It might not be long lasting.


  1. Thinksound MS02 In-ear Monitors

If you simply observe its design even for the first time you will see that the design is quite unique and pretty much comfortable as well. The product is very well made and the yes the design is simply made to last for a longer period of time. Being made of wooden texture it gives an extreme quality that is higher and can also be used in the toughest environment though. Further built and the make simply speaks of the right fit and the comfortability. The product with all of its built and the quality makes of the much durable and also comes with a great performance as well.


  • Reduces sounds with the help of passive noise isolation.
  • Crisp music production from the wooden housing.
  • Kevlar infused tangle resistance.
  • Accurate sound production.


  • Increase in the price
  1. Enacfire E-19 Wireless Earbuds

If the earphones are wireless then you really has got no limits that would annoy during your music time though. If you see and try to connect with the devices then the earbuds are a lot easier to connect with the devices as the Bluetooth connectivity is simply great and totally works strong than the wired ones. It comes with the 3D stereo output that simply boasts up a great sound and a quality performance that will simply leave you surprised. It best suits when you want to listen to the bass based tones and the songs although.


  • One step pairing is helpful.
  • It has 5.0 technology of Bluetooth.
  • The earbuds are waterproof.
  • Low Cost ( under 100 dollar )


  • Quality can be sometimes different.


  1. Panasomi Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are simply that of which you always wanted in your music box and of course your pocket as well. If you really want to count one of the best brands of earbuds under the budget of $100 then Panasomi is the one you should add in your list for sure. If you see this particular product has the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds with 5.0 version of Bluetooth that would never disappoint you for sure. It just takes a few seconds to connect to your phone and the quality is simply just great as it will leave you speechless.


  • Bluetooth earbuds that syncs simply.
  • Has got microphone and call recorder as well.
  • The ergo fit earbuds design is great.


  • Earbuds design could not be comfortable.
  1. TNSO E-18 True Wireless Headphones

This is extra stylish and simply great if you could just take up this convenient and soft made earbuds. These wireless headphones have got the best wireless earbuds that you have always expected though. This particular earbuds have got a great and a compatible mic totally suitable for calls that comes with carrying case, and of course a strong battery life on the whole. The wireless headphones are quite light and easy to carry even in your pockets. The wireless headphones gives some extreme level of connectivity that comes with a 360 degree sound though.


  • One step pairing is great.
  • It comes with the pairing case as well.
  • The earbuds are waterproof enough.


  • It might be expensive.
  1. Focus Power F10 Mini

FocusPower, one of the great brands that never leave you disappointed and are a small set of true wireless earbuds. These earbuds comes with some great features such as carrying case, one-touch button control, carrying case and of course Bluetooth. If you see that the battery life is very much exceptional and is consistent that simply lasts up to more than 7 entire hours. This means, even if you are on full volume you will simply get 5 hours of battery without any compromise on the same which is also easy to make it charge with USB technology too.


  • It comes with a long battery and Bluetooth too.
  • It makes the wearing simply comfortable.
  • Comes with high quality.
  • It has got a noise cancellation feature too.


  • Quality might differ and is expensive.



Well, the above mentioned ones are the best earbuds that comes under the budget of 100 dollar and it simply becomes the most popular earbuds that everyone must add up in their list for sure if you want really a branded and a good quality earphone for total durable and a long lasting experience. However, there are more such earbuds that comes under the same budget of $100 and that is yet of the same quality and the performance that would leave you dancing. You should also try the ones that have been mentioned in the list as they are trending already with the brand and of course the performance.

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