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8 Best QLED TVs for Gaming 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

One of the main characteristics that help a TV stand out in the television industry is its image quality. Motion, sound quality, low input latency, and other smart features are all important, but if the image isn’t good, everything else fades into the background. Different television technologies are available on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Quantum dot is a brand-new television technology that employs a quantum dot colour filter to provide a broader colour range. Quantum dots provide several unique characteristics to QLED TVs, including exceptional brightness. Lighting is a key element that influences some image quality characteristics, and Luminance refers to how bright a screen is. Second, when the light intensity rises, the contrast ratio rises with it.

On QLED TVs, the impact of brightness is visible. Although there are a variety of bright and dark reds, QLED TVs must explain this spectrum of hues. This unique QLED technology, in combination with other technologies such as Direct Full Array, offers totally different image quality and a more immersive viewing experience than other TV technology.

Since 2017, Samsung has rebranded their “ SUHD ‘ TVs as ‘ QLED ‘. Although Samsung is the most well-known producer of quantum dot TVs, other companies such as Vizio and, more recently, TCL also produce quantum dot televisions.

We’ve compiled the best QLED TV bargains from all of the TV manufacturers and models we’ve looked at, including older 2018 QLED TVs as well as the best QLED TVs from 2019. These QLED TV offers are a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to save money on premium television. The best QLED TV bargains may be found in our suggestions below.

the best QLED TVs to buy are-

  1. Best QLED TV: Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED

The Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED is the best QLED television we’ve seen. This is a fantastic TV with superb image quality and good performance in any application. It features a high contrast ratio and excellent local dimming support, which allows it to create deep blacks and improves image quality in gloomy environments.

It’s a brilliant TV that can easily be placed in a bright room where sunlight will be blocked and reflections will be minimised. It boasts a broad colour spectrum and, due to its high HDR peak brightness, can show vibrant colours and highlights that explode in HDR content.

Despite the fact that this television has a VA panel, the image stays clear when seen from the side thanks to the ‘ Ultra Viewing Angle ‘ technology. Fast-moving material is seamless due to the quick reaction time, which will keep sports lovers happy. The input latency is extremely minimal, and this TV supports FreeSync for near tear-free gameplay, among other gaming features, so gamers will get better performance when playing games.

  1. Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED TV

If the Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED is too costly for you, look into the Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED. It performs similarly to the other Samsung in terms of overall performance, but it lacks the convenience of the One Connect box, which houses all of the inputs.

Some individuals, on the other hand, like it if all the inputs are on the TV since they don’t have to pay for the extra package. This TV has great overall performance and, like the other Samsungs, it features an Ultra Viewing Angle layer that improves viewing angles while somewhat reducing dark room efficiency.

Get the Q90R if you don’t mind paying more and need more capacity for the One Connect package; otherwise, the Q80R can function just as well in any situation.

  1. Best 8k QLED TV: Samsung Q900/Q900R 8k QLED

The Samsung Q900R is a stunning 8k QLED TV with stunning image quality. In both SDR and HDR, it may be very bright. Despite having a VA screen, it offers wide viewing angles with a realistic picture when seen from the side and reduced contrast thanks to the’ Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer.

Despite the low native contrast ratio, the excellent local dimming improves dark-room efficiency significantly. It offers excellent HDR performance and excellent reflection management. The Q900 offers excellent motion control and extremely minimal performance latency.

Finally, the Q900R supports the FreeSync variable refresh rate, as do all premium Samsungs since 2018.

It offers outstanding image quality and darkroom performance, as well as staying accurate when seen from the edge. It boasts exceptional motion control, with very little blur, and fast-moving material, such as sports, looks sharp. The input latency is extremely minimal, and the TV responds to your motions immediately, making it ideal for gamers and people who use it as a computer monitor.

The Samsung Q900 is a top-of-the-line television. It’s the first 8k TV on the market, and it’s presently barely ahead of Samsung’s 4k model, the Q90R. The Sony Z9 G and the LG SM9975 are anticipated to be the Samsung Q900’s primary 8K competitors. The Q900 heralds the dawn of the current 8k television era.

  1. Best Value QLED TV: Vizio P Series Quantum X

Get the Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 if you’re searching for the best QLED TV for your money. The viewing angles are not as excellent as Samsung models since it lacks the new viewing angle improvement technology featured on Samsung’s higher-end TVs.

This is a fantastic television with excellent image quality. It’s one of the brightest TVs we’ve seen, and there’s no glare, so you can easily place it in a bright room. It features a diverse colour palette, as well as rich colour HDR content and vibrant highlights.

The Vizio frequently performs well in a dark environment owing to the deep blacks produced by the high native contrast ratio and local dimming assistance. It boasts excellent motion control and very minimal input latency, so even the most competitive gamers will be pleased.

However, since the image fades at an angle and the lighting flickers at 120Hz, it isn’t ideal; this results in duplications that may bother some people. Finally, gamers may find the absence of support for more sophisticated gaming features like AMD’s FreeSync refresh rate variable, which is common in higher-end Samsung models, to be restrictive.

  1. Best Budget QLED TV: Hisense H9F

The Hisense H9F is the best low-cost QLED television we’ve seen so far. This is a television that works well in both dark and bright environments. It boasts a good contrast ratio and black uniformity, allowing for deep blacks, but there is some blooming if you use the local dimming option.

HDR video looks great, with rich, vivid colours and specular highlights that explode, thanks to its outstanding broad colour gamut and peak brightness that is high enough to combat glare. However, images seem washed out when seen from the edge owing to the panel’s low viewing angles, which is to be expected with most VA panels.

The response speed on this TV is great, and there is a very little blur in fast-moving situations, although there is some picture duplication owing to the flickering backlight. Although it does not support any variable refresh rate technology and the refresh rate is restricted to 60Hz, the input latency is surprisingly minimal if you plan to use this TV for gaming.

Because this TV is Android-based, you’ll have access to the Google Play Store and its extensive device library. It can also link with Google Assistant, which enables you to manage the screen, search for content, and get information like the time and weather.

  1. Vizio M Series Quantum

If you want a TV with considerably higher picture quality without the blooming issue of the Hisense H9F, check for the Vizio M Series Quantum 2019. This television boasts some of the best black uniformity we’ve ever seen. Sadly, the peak luminosity in HDR mode is mediocre, and there are some grey uniformity issues as well, as shown by visible banding and filthy glass impact all over the tablet.

On the plus side, it boasts a fast reaction time and minimal input latency, and it can display chroma 4:4:4 properly if used as a big monitor. Vizio’s SmartCast technology is easy to use and compatible with the most popular pre-installed streaming apps.

  1. Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED TV Review

The Samsung Q70R is a stunning 4K display from the QLED range for 2019. It’s a VA panel TV with a high contrast ratio, good black uniformity, and high peak brightness, making it suitable for both bright and dark environments.

It also has local full-array dimming and a broad colour gamut, allowing HDR material to have brilliant, vibrant colours and highlights. It also has excellent movement handling, with a native refresh rate of 120Hz and a fast reaction time, not to add the option of black frame injection to further minimise blur. It also supports AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, which provides a near-tear-free gaming experience.

  1. Samsung Q60/Q60R QLED TV Review

The Samsung Q60R QLED is a great 4k television for virtually any kind of entertainment. Its VA panel boasts a high contrast ratio, creating deep, inky blacks and superb motion management, resulting in sharp, blur-free pictures.

Most gamers will like its rapid refresh rate, minimal input latency, and FreeSync support, but viewing angles may be a problem for large groups. Samsung’s Tizen UI is simple to use, and it offers a huge number of applications at the touch of a button.

Last Word

These are our picks for the best QLED TV offers on the market. For you, the best QLED TVs in every price category are listed below. We looked at the features and functionalities of each product and selected our favourites for purchasers.

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