How to Test TV Antenna Signals? TV Signals Strength

In this article, we’ll examine the best way to determine the strength of your antenna as well as test some of the better TV signal strength meters available on Amazon. Answering how to test your antenna signal will be easier if you examine the different elements that make up your signal and those that tend to destroy it

You Will Need Three Things:

1. A TV capable of receiving digital TV signals. Most modern flat-screen TVs have this capability. (Old tube-style TVs require a converter box.)

2. This cable is generally white and the ends look something like that:

This cable could already be plugged into your television. If this is so, unplug the different ending and also leave the end plugged to your television. Unscrew the cable out of whatever it is plugged into by rotating the hexagonal cuff counterclockwise. The shorter the better in cases like this (a couple of feet is ideal).

3. An antenna. Any part of wire or cable that is not protected or grounded can work. Here are a Few Examples of cables that may function as a”quick and dirty” antenna:

Power extension cord
lamp electricity cable
cable coat hanger (with the paint scraped at one point therefore it could make contact with all the cable)
piece of wire (a few feet long can do)
Here are some types of cables that won’t make a good antenna:

USB cable (it is guarded )
another coax cable (it’s protected )
sound cables (RCA, 1/4″ instrument, etc. ). ) All these are shielded)

How to Test TV Antenna Signals?

How to Test TV Antenna Signals

Step 1

Disconnect the 75-ohm coaxial cable running in your TV in the antenna mounted on your roof or from the antenna.

Step 2

Twist the”F” connector in the conclusion of the 75-ohm coaxial into the input connector on your Pwr(dBm) measuring apparatus.

Step 3

Switch on your own Pwr(dBm) measuring device, and then turn the tuner to the lowest numbered channel broadcasting in your area. When you experience an antenna rotor or a directional indoor antenna, turn the antenna until the Pwr(dBm) meter reaches its highest level. Document the results.

Step 4

Use a compass to examine the management of the highest signal power. Record the outcomes.

Step 5

Proceed using the measuring of each achievement channel, going up the scale until you reach the maximum amount. Record each result.

Step 6

Detach the 75-ohm coaxial”F” connector from the Pwr(dBm) monitoring apparatus, then attach it to the input on your own NM(DB) measuring apparatus.

Step 7

Proceed with the same measuring process used together with all the Pwr(dBm) devices, recording each result in a column beside the previous dimension. Note any gaps in compass readings.

Step 8

Use your compass readings to compute an average for your optimal signal strength management in case you do not have a rotor-controlled antenna. If you’re using a rotor, place a listing of the best compass headings for every station besides your rotor control box so that you may flip your antenna in that way when tuning in to this specific station.

How to Use an OTA Signal Meter

  1. The very first step is always to plug in the cable coming out of the antenna into the enter antenna onto the tube. Be certain you plug into the antenna cable after the powered preamp of this antenna.
  2. Subsequently, plug the tv screen into the meter branded receiver.
  3. Twist on the meter and then rotate the alteration knob fully clockwise.
  4. Position the antenna before the Majority of the LEDs are lit.
  5. Switch the adjustment dial until the previous LED flickers. Subsequently, position the antenna before the previous LED stays lit.
  6. Subsequently, apply your tv to scan to get the most effective available stations.


A tv signal hails out of a mic which transmits information out of a sound and visual origin to an amplifier or repeater into the radio recipient of an A/V apparatus, like a tv. The procedure utilized for assessing the current presence of the tv signal could be just like checking for signal advantage. An electronic tv power meter attached in Line using all the coaxial cable which introduces the sign for a converter or receiver eases the Method, however, You Might Also Apply Your recipient or electronic converter’s onscreen signal-meter to look after a sign

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