Smallest 4K TVs

Smallest 4K TVs – 32 Inch (Best Choice for 2022)

Look no further if you’re looking for the smallest 4K TV available for your bedroom, kitchen, RV camper, or other small areas.

They’re also fantastic for gaming!

The Smallest 4K Television

Samsung makes the smallest 4K TV available, which is 32 inches. In fact, Samsung’s Q50R and Q60A series are the only 32-inch 4K TVs on the market now. The smallest 4K TV available begins at 40 inches, which is a full 8 inches bigger than Samsung’s! The Q50R and Q60A 4K TVs have received rave reviews. They’re also small for cramped quarters!

Smallest 4K TVs – 2021

We’ve combined our overall evaluation of these small 4K TVs since they’re almost identical in almost every aspect. The following are the two major distinctions:

The Q50R was released in 2019, while the Q60A was released in 2021.

Bixby and SmartThings are supported by the Q50R, while Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings are supported by the Q60A.

Prices for both tend to vary, but since both TVs are almost similar, We would choose the older model (Q50R) if it were considerably less expensive.

If the costs are comparable and both TVs are available, We would opt for the newer Q60A series.

Overall, these small 4K TVs have a lot of punch for their size, and the pricing is quite affordable.

Rich blacks and brilliant, vivid colors that burst off the screen and come to life with true-to-life bold colors are what you can anticipate for your picture. This is due to Samsung’s HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

Simply stated, it improves the brightness, contrast, and color levels considerably

Keep in mind, however, that all televisions are pre-programmed at the manufacturer and are typically set to neutral. To improve the overall quality, you must change each image option! These options may be accessed in the TV’s menu under Settings > Picture> Expert Settings.

Don’t be scared to explore with them until you find something that you like. In the worst-case scenario, you can simply factory reset your TV to its original settings if things get out of hand.

We weren’t pleased with the sound, but then again, what TV speakers sound good?

Do not misunderstand, the speakers are not terrible, but it would be better if I connected Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The Samsung Q50R and Q60A are the best and smallest 4K TVs for gaming currently available.

Gaming feels very responsive because of the minimal input latency. Keep in mind, however, that the refresh rate is capped at 60Hz, and these TVs do not offer variable refresh rate technology.

We’ve also discovered that the incredible contrast ratio makes these TVs ideal for gaming in the dark, which is exactly what we do most of the time!

However, one of the most significant disadvantages of these TVs is their limited viewing angles. We wouldn’t recommend them if you’re looking for a TV that you and your neighbours can gather around to watch the matches on Sundays.

But then again, who in their right mind would install a 32-inch TV in their living room? Bedrooms, kitchens, RV campers, and other small spaces are ideal for these TVs.

You shouldn’t have to worry about viewing angles in those kinds of situations.

Overall, We don’t believe any of these small 4K TVs can go wrong. Check out the hundreds of good ratings on Amazon or BestBuy if you have any concerns!

Benefits of 4K HDR

If you want to be future-proofed with your TV purchase, opt for one that has both 4K and HDR.

This combo improves your gaming and entertainment experience considerably. Thankfully, the Q50R and Q60A both have 4K and HDR.

4K is a kind of resolution. It refers to how many pixels are visible on your screen at any one time. Furthermore, more pixels equate to a crisper, sharper picture.

That’s why 4K is frequently referred to as “Ultra HD,” or simply “UHD,” since it’s like HD on steroids.

When comparing 4K to HD, the 4K display will be much crisper and lifelike.

High Dynamic Range, on the other hand, is an acronym for High Dynamic Range.

The color gamut of HDR panels is considerably larger than that of conventional sRGB panels seen in most TVs today. HDR has a 2x color range!

With the advent of HDR compatibility on current gaming consoles, you can now enjoy deeper blacks and more realistic visuals and landscapes while gaming.

Every day, streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime add more HDR content.

Pull up Planet Earth II with HDR enabled if you’re unsure how much of an effect HDR can make. Expect your mind to be blown.

On the Samsung Q50R and Q60A series, the combination of 4K and HDR elevates viewing and gaming to new heights.

Benefits of a smaller screen

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Some rooms are just too small to accommodate a huge TV screen since it would take up the whole room. Smaller, modest TVs, for example, are ideal for many bedrooms and kitchens.

When you’re on the road or want to transfer your setup to a new room, it’s also convenient to be able to pick up and move your TV. When your TV is 50 inches or larger, this becomes much more challenging.

When it comes to TV size, the amount of money you have to spend is also a consideration. Smaller displays are usually less expensive than bigger ones, so small TVs are the way to go if you’re on a budget.

Final Thoughts-

Samsung makes the smallest 4K television available, which is 32 inches. In fact, Samsung’s Q50R and Q60A series are the only 32-inch 4K TVs on the market. The smallest 4K TVs start at 40 inches, which is a whole 8 inches bigger than the Q50R and Q60A.

With 4K HDR and very minimal input latency, these small TVs carry a big punch, making them ideal for gaming or viewing your favourite program.

They’re also ideal for your bedroom, kitchen, RV camper, or any other small area since they’re so small. Look no farther than Samsung’s 32-inch Q50R and Q60A series if you’re searching for a high-end 4K TV that’s small and affordable!

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